the SPORTS PROgram


Tennis. Athletics. Fitness. Summer Camps.


Tennis offers top instruction and training for tennis players of all levels. Athletic trainingis also a primary focus to enhance the athletic skills for any athlete wanting to gain that competitive edge. All of our programs are designed to make tennis a skill our players will enjoy for a lifetime. Our teaching philosophy is based on an organized and progressive method of skill development. Players develop new skills at each level of training- while gaining confidence in their abilities. 


Athletics is not 
just ONLY for the tennis player or athlete looking to gain an edge in their overall performance but for anyone looking to get a great workout. 
Classes are geared towards improving overall athletic ability but can be customized for any particular sport. Classes are offered to kids 7 years and up during after school.


Personal training workouts are taled to your desired goals and fitness level. Clients can expect to increase strength, stamina, and flexibility. We combine cardio, resistance, endurance drills, core, balance, agility, circuit and interval training, kick boxing, yoga/pilates exercises, plyometric drills and nutritional counseling..

SUMMER CAMP PROgram-  The Tennis and Athletic Summer Schedule for 2014 ...coming soon.
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